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Terms of Service

By purchasing a ticket to Demand, you agree that you have read, and you agree to abide by the terms outlined here. Attendees must be 18 years or older. All sales are final. Tickets may not be sold. Tickets may be transferred to someone else until two weeks before the event. Sponsorship, press, or complimentary passes may not be transferred. Attendees are eligible for the student discount if they are enrolled full-time in a college or university undergraduate program and not working full-time.

Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy. Here’s what we collect about you and what we use it for. We collect anonymous information about visitors to our website as part of the ticket purchase process, using nvite and Eventbrite. We collect a small amount personal information when you register for a ticket so that we can create badges, order t-shirts, gauge geographical interest, and to communicate with you about the event. Besides anonymous information about companies and geographic representation that we provide sponsors, we will not sell or share your information with anyone.